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Over 10 years of contact lense sales
Halloween Lenses
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  • Best Prices and Service
  • Contacts come with complete and easy to follow instructions for placement and care.
  • We offer only Non-Corrective Color Contacts (no vision Correction at this time)
  • Use Expressions for the highest impact and Color Change of any lens available!*
    Very comfortable and easy to handle!
  • Use Impressions for a subtle blended change.
    Very comfortable and easy to handle!
  • Much more comfortable than other color contacts - easier to put in than other lenses.
  • Our lenses really change eye color.
  • All colors tested on a live model for complete eye color change.
* Example Blue Topaz will change a Brown Eye to Blue completely.
*** Review your receipt for your current/correct name and address! Call us Monday through Saturday (10am-7pm PST) if correction is to be made at 775-293-2800! Do not email!
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